Tours on Segway for group activities

From team building for companies to private celebrations

In Segway Bilbao, we are aware that our vehicles are a very useful tool to develop group activities, speaking of companies—with coaching or team building activities; or of the personal plane—birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties…

Thanks to their self-balancing technology and their ability to take 360 turns, our Ninebots let you move comfortably through highly crowded spaces and, unlike bicycles or skateboards, their use does not require great physical effort.

Team building and team coaching in Bilbao

The Segway is not a commonly found vehicle domestically and, thus, its use in activities generates a sensation of novelty to break the daily routine. Most users are not accustomed to their use and the mere fact of learning to drive it already entails a fun moment to share as a group.

Our vehicles let you invigorate the team building and team coaching activities, developing each exercise in a different location. The quick and comfortable mobility of our Segways make planning a route to combine different activities possible.

Communication games, skill tests, ingenuity challenges, motivation therapies… The variety of tools to promote group cohesion and its integration is really big, and thus, team building is not only limited to companies, but is also becoming common in sport clubs, associations, schools and all sorts of organizations.

We have all you need to live an unforgettable journey. We plan the route, prepare the exercises and even customize the vehicles with your company’s image. All we need is that you come here with the will to release energy, empathize with your partners, and have a good time.

Birthdays, anniversaries and bachelor parties

If you have to celebrate an anniversary, if you have organized a bachelor party in Bilbao, or have planned to get together with your old schoolmates, we can organize a customized tour to make your day unforgettable—no matter what the celebration is.

We will not only give you the chance to traverse Bilbao on a Segway—we can also include other activities such as tourist visits, photoshoots, pintxos tasting, or gymkana. Moreover, after the tour is over, we can drop you at the doors of an Escape, or in the bar area of the Old Quarter so you continue your journey in style.